Glass panes

GTB company processes the glass panes of 3-19 mm thickness and offers the following processing:

  • Cutting glass panes of both regular and irregular shapes on the CNC machine
  • Edging, bevelling and engraving on the CNC processing centers
  • Glass bending (hardened I non-hardened)
  • Glass hardening (straight and rounded shapes)
  • Silk-screen printing on an automatic machine
  • Glass full-area colouring (according to the RAL sample book) with ceramic colours
  • Cutting and processing of glued glass
  • Production of atypically sized glued glass
  • Production of straight insulation glass panes
  • Production of the dome-shaped insulation glass panes
  • Low-emission glass
  • Ornamented, coloured, reflection glass panes
  • Ceramic glass panes for stoves and firesides (including the print)
  • Sanding of the glass panes (total/partial)

We are continuously expanding our machinery base to be able to meet demands of our customers, who prefer „all in one place“ order processing. The modern machinery background makes it possible for us to produce high quality products at very favourable prices.