Glass hardening

The glass is, due to its nature, very fragile substance and therefore, in order to improve its utilization options out of the security point of view, we offer its hardening. The glass is heated to the temperature of 620 °C - 680 °C and then it is rapidly re-cooled. We are able to harden pure, coloured, ornamented as well as low emission glass. Thanks to the hardening the glass becomes more resistant against impact of the physical object as well as the temperature alterations. The hardened glass is five times more resistant against the breakage than the non-hardened one. Unlike the common glass, which usually falls to large and sharp pieces, if the hardened glass happens to crack and break, it falls to very small pieces which are not sharp, which decreases significantly the risk of injury. Therefore, the hardened glass is usually installed on the spots where mechanical resistance as well as protective environment are required (shower areas, door fillings, glass walls or railings).