About us

GTB Glass is part of the GTB Group, which is a wholy owned private Czech company.
GTB Glass has been processing flat glass and manufacturing components and final glass products for more than 20 years, especially for manufacturers of refrigerated and heated display cases, commercial refrigerators and refrigerated shelves for shops and supermarkets. GTB Glass is a market leader in glass component production, thanks to state-of-the-art CNC and printing machines with highly skilled and qualified employees. This allows us to meet the most demanding requirements and expectations of our customers. We export more than 90% of our products worldwide. 
From the very beginning, the company has been developing very dynamically, constantly investing in new modern technologies that enable us to expand our production program and, above all, increase the quality of existing products and as a consequence of this own several World patents.
In addition to our main focus, we also process and supply glass to other market sectors. Our clients are companies, institutions and individuals involved in Architecture, Sanitation, Medicine, Furniture, Interior design and the Automotive industry. We are very proud that our glass components can be found in iconic products all over the World.