Commercial terms

The delivery period begins upon receiving of the binding order. In case the ordered products are not on stock, the supplier informs the buyer about this situation as well as about the supposed delivery period for the products the client has ordered.

Delivery period

  • 4 – 6 weeks in case of the standard heating panels production
  • 5 – 7 weeks in case of the atypical heating panels production

When submitting the binding order, the client is obliged to pay 30% of the total purchase price in advance.

Personal take-over of the goods

In case the client orders the goods on the internet and intends to take over it personally, the supplier only confirms that ordered goods is reserved for the client in the production plant. In this case, the contract is considered as concluded after the client pays the total purchase price and takes the goods over from the supplier.

The client is obliged to check the ordered goods visually during the takeover from the forwarder. This means that the client checks the goods at the presence of the driver an in case the goods is mechanically damaged, the client is obliged to report this circumstance to the transport protocol in a written form, or even to refuse the takeover of such goods.

The warranty period to the supplied goods is provided in accordance with the generally applied legal regulations. The warranty period for all range of goods is two years, unless a different warranty period is provided by the supplier (certain products are provided longer warranty period, then two years required by the law).

We do our best to settle all claims to the complete satisfaction of the client and also as quick as possible. For the on-line sales, the same rules as for the common retail units apply, therefore there is no reason to be afraid of purchasing directly from us or to fear any potential claim procedure.

The claiming procedure for the supply goods is governed by the relevant clauses of the Law nr. 40/1964 Collection., Civil Code, as further amended. This legal standard also defines rights and obligations of the supplier as well as those of the client.

The claim must be duly justified, i.e. the claim applies to the production defects of the products or other defects, which were not caused by an incompetent or unusual handling, using of the product in conflict with its supposed utilization or purpose, using the product contrary to the rules described in the product manual, by a mechanical damage, natural depreciation or a natural disaster.

Each piece of goods is accompanied by an invoice, which serves at the same time as the warranty certificate, unless the original warranty certificate is provided by the supplier. The warranty period begins on the day when the client takes the goods over from the forwarder.

A claim can be exercised in writing through the electronic mail. The costs covering the transport of the goods to the place of the claim settlement are paid by the client.

Final conclusions

These commercial terms are valid for all purchase contracts concluded between the supplier and the client. The supplier reserves the right to change these conditions, however, such change must be published in appropriate way on these websites and subsidiaries at least one month before changed commercial conditions come into effect.