About us

GTB glass is a part of GTB Group company, which is completely Czech private capital company. The glass plant is one of its production subsidiaries.

Fore more than 12 years, GTB glass has been involved in processing of glass panes and the production of glass components as well as final products. Actually, GTB glass is a leader in the market of glass processing, especially due to the latest CNC machinery and the highly qualified staff. These aspects make it possible for us to meet the most challenging demands and fulfill the expectations of our clients both in our country and abroad. From the very start, the company has been going under a very dynamic development. We keep investing into new technologies, which enables us to expand the production scale and above all to increase the quality of the actual production range. Our clients are companies, institutions as well as private investors. Architecture, sanitation, furniture or automobile industries are just a few examples of where it is possible to encounter some of our highly appreciated products.