Our products are made by modern automated machines from Germany and Italy, therefore we are able to supply the products of the highest quality and valuein-use. Our wide range geometries can help you find ideal solution for:

  • Small, medium and big condensers
  • Drycoolers
  • Unit coolers
  • Heat recovery units
  • Air heaters
  • Low temperature evaporator


Finned pack in standard version is made from aluminium foil. In case of special operating conditions fins could be made from:

  • Epoxy coating foil
  • Copper foil or tinned copper foil
  • Hydrophile aluminium


Frame is made from metal sheel (thickness from 1 to 3 mm)

  • Galvanized steel
  • Aluminium
  • Stainless steel


Headers are made from carbon steel or cooper. Connection could be threaded, smooth or with flangers. For evaporators we provide high quality distibuors with capilars.


  • Powder coating
  • Cataphoresis